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Unmeasurable risk and archaeology in public procurement in IrelandA paper presented at the Commercial Archaeology Working Group for Archaeology 2025 in Dublin in November 2015. The paper discusses how unmeasurable risk is transferred to archaeological contractors through the terms of the new form government contracts and suggests a possible way of correcting this in the future.

A discussion session on shift working in archaeology at the Annual Forum of the Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers (FAME) held in York in June 2015. This paper outlined some of the challenges experienced by Rubicon during a large infrastructure development in Dublin.
A paper presented on Carmarthensire Archaeology Day 2015 in Llanelli outlining the major findings of excavations carried out by Rubicon Heritage and AB Heritage near Ffairfach in 2013 on the site of a proposed new school. Archaeological activity was identified dating from the Mesolithic up to modern times. The main phase of activity dates from the late Neolithic through to the early Iron Age when the site was used for burial and ritual activity.
A paper outlining an approach to help manage the risk of archaeological discoveries during development. Early consultation with a professional archaeologist is recommended and a process is outlined for identifying archaeology early and producing a scope of work to mitigate development impacts efficiently and responsibly.
An account of a survey of the Napoleonic-era defences of Bere Island County Cork, Ireland carried out by Rubicon Heritage Services in 2011.
A presentation of the results of the excavations at Ballingowan in advance of the construction of the Tralee Bypass. The excavation revealed 3 millennia of human settlement from the Early Bronze Age to the Early medieval period. Archaeology included settlement, a possible prehistoric ritual avenue. metal working and evidence for a Late Bronze Age droveway. The public seminar was organised by Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd on behalf of the National Roads Authority
A talk given to BIDS Scotland on the potential of using state of the art AV technology to transform town and city centers into archaeological light shows in order to encourage community interaction with local heritage.
A discussion of how archaeological risk can be managed effectively by utility companies through early consultation with professional archaeologists and the development of an appropriate mitigation strategy with supporting budgets and effective programming.


The Irish War of Independence saw many people disappeared; abducted, executed and secretly buried. This was not the work of the British, but of the Irish Republican Army. In this two part series for TV 3 Professor EunanO’Halpin explores this dark side of Irish Republicanism. In episode 1 an archaeological dig was undertaken on one possible ‘disappeared’ site by Rubicon Heritage Services lead by Colm Moloney and Damian Shiels.
The Morning Show, May 2011
BBC Knowledge


Today with Pat Kenny, Apr 2011
Mooney Goes Wild, May 2009
Radio Kerry, Nov 2012
A discussion of a probable Early Bronze Age post-built avenue which was identified on the route of the Tralee Bypass.

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